Lytebulb is founded by Saalik Lokhandwala, a product manager and developer.

Hi! Welcome to Lytebulb.

Lytebulb is a product studio creating software and content that helps dreamers and doers to be more mindful, present, and powerful.

Who I Am

My passion lies at the intersection of wellness (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual) and technology. Lytebulb is where I create products to make you do you, better.

As a product manager, I manage the end to end process of creating a useful software product. I start with a problem that needs to be solved, craft a solution with software, and ensure it's financially feasible with business.

I love to write, read, brainstorm, and build. As I continue on this journey, growing and changing, I'll be adding all sorts of projects to Lytebulb.

Although I'm the solo "founder" of Lytebulb, my projects are highly collaborative. Many of them have co-founders, co-hosts, and collaborators. I lean on my network to create at a higher level than I could by myself. Nothing truly great is done alone.

Let's work together! Become a client, collaborator, or friend!