Lytebulb is founded by Saalik Lokhandwala, a product manager and full-stack developer.

Hi! Welcome to Lytebulb.

Lytebulb is a product studio creating software that helps dreamers and doers to be more mindful, present, and powerful.

Lytebulb is also a consulting business, assisting clients with a variety of technical projects: building apps from scratch, crafting impactful landing pages, and automating the boring bits of your business.

Who I Am

My passion lies at the intersection of wellness (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual) and technology. Lytebulb is where I create products to make you do you, better.

As a product manager, I manage the end to end process of creating a useful software product. I start with a problem that needs to be solved, craft a solution with software, and ensure it's financially feasible with business.

Although I'm the solo founder of Lytebulb, my projects are highly collaborative. Many of them have co-founders, co-hosts, and collaborators. In consulting and proprietary projects alike, I lean on my network to create at a higher level than I could by myself.

Let's work together! Become a client, collaborator, or friend!